Production Process

PressCane Limited produces ethanol from sugarcane molasses, a downstream product of sugar production process. The molasses is currently being sourced from Illovo Nchalo estate situated 26km from the distillery. Illovo grows own sugarcane which is supplemented by smallholder cane out growers such as, Phata Trust Farm and Kasinthula Cane Growers Limited. 

PressCane Limited is designed to run on both fed batch and continuous type of fermentation. The product from fermentation is further processed in a multi pressure distillation system and molecular sieve dehydration to complete the ethanol production process.

The main products of the distillery are Absolute alcohol (AA 99.5% v/v) also known as fuel ethanol or anhydrous alcohol and industrial alcohol at 95.0 - 97.0% v/v (rectified spirit). The Company’s products meet the requirements of the Malawi Bureau of Standards.

Steam Energy is supplied from coal fired boilers. The steam produced is mainly used in distillation, dehydration and vessel sterilisation. 

Effluent resulting from distillation is evaporated in open pan-ponds. In concentrated or dry form, the effluent can be used by local farmers as an organic fertiliser in their gardens and thus cutting down the costs associated with inorganic fertiliser.