Strategic Direction

PressCane Limited is a biochemical company whose key strategic focus is to exploit existing and potential bio-processing opportunities in a manner that derives optimum benefits to all stakeholders.

Consistent with the above focus, the following are the Company’s vision, mission and core values:

Vision Statement

To be a world class manufacturer of biochemically derived products for the energy sector and allied industries.

Mission Statement

To manufacture high quality biochemically derived products in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner that delivers value to all stakeholders.

Core Values

While respecting market processes as important in determining economic behavior, PressCane will be an innovative and entrepreneurial Company guided in its business operations by the following core values:

  • People CenteredWe treat employees and partners with dignity, fairness and respect fostering an environment where teams excel, and ownership and loyalty are inherent.
  • ResponsibilityWe ensure wellness of all our stakeholders and commit to share our success with communities while sustaining the environment we operate in.
  • IntegrityWe commit to conduct our business honestly, transparently and ethically; and pledge to be accountable to our customers, shareholders and society.
  • Customer ValueWe strive to surpass customers’ expectations both internally and externally. We are therefore committed to enable our customers excel by creating long-term relationships, being responsive, relevant and efficient while delivering value consistently.
  • ExcellenceWe pursue excellence through highly efficient and effective processes that deliver our goods and services to an outstanding quality.

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